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Myths Legends BUNDLE 2 Cultural Text & Tasks Make Connections & Close Questions

Great myths to entertain and then task cards to work on comprehension skills and digging deeper. Good for group activities.

WORD BUILDING ACTIVITY CARDS for K-2 READING CENTRES *Aphabet *Blends *Suffixes / This is a printable, easy to assemble activity for your Reading Centre. It is a set of 205 cards that once connected with bookrings, becomes a fantastic word building activity, that caters for most students.

Should I Share My Ice Cream? Mo Willems Book Unit Task Cards & Would You Rather?

This is a language arts book study, using the Mo Willems book "Should I Share My Ice Cream?" Teaching young students to think and make connections as they read. Also to introduce them to critical thinking and making choices skills by "Would you rather" Ta

LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK How to improve a student's spelling? I think students need variety when learning Spelling Lists. These activity ideas will suit different learning styles. They are interesting in hope that the children will retain the knowledge for more than a week or two! There are 6 posters or sheets with explanation and ideas for learning spelling using the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK system.

PHONICS or SOUNDS ACTIVITY CARDS for centers, Short FINAL Letter Sounds

This is a set of reusable activities dealing with final single sounds.There are 7 pages, comprising 41 individual activity cards, plus a cover card.Once printed, cut and laminated I connect them together with a bookring. This gives opportunity for working with individual students who flick through and point out the required sound.

This is a set of activities dealing with initial single sounds. There are 7 pages, comprising 41 individual activity cards, plus a cover card. I usually print one set, cut and laminate individual cards and connect them together with a bookring.

Teaching GRAMMAR Lesson Cards Correcting Common Grammar Mistakes

Printable cards to give your students or children need a better of understanding of grammar. These will help! There are 20 cards. Each card deals with a common grammatical or spelling error.The correct usage is explained and examples shown. I've used these cards as an individual, small group or whole class activity.

This is a simple introductory activity to Greek Mythology. I use this to acquaint students with the genre and basics, so they are prepared to read, understand and complete further tasks.There is a simple explanation, followed by interactive worksheets to establish understanding.This is a great activity to couple with my Greek myths.Greek Myth PANDORAMore GREEK MYTHS to follow soon.I have other myths, individual items and BUNDLESReading Myths and Legends BUNDLE 2All tales are available as…

Teaching Fractions MATHS CENTER ACTIVITY 68 cards with images and fractions

This is a collection cards to assist you to teach about fractions, numerators, denominators, equivalents etc.Fraction Number Line Cards There are 17 A4 pages, 4 cards per page. All denominators 1-10 then some commons eg 25, 50 100The visual clues lead children to quickly realise the relationship between the numerator and denominator.

This GRADE 1 Sight Word list, Flash Cards, BINGO, Tracing Cards, Sequencing Sentences and more, give students a brilliant start for being a successful reader.