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From the minute an animal arrives to the minute they leave, our staff and volunteers love and care for every creature at the HSFC. When this stray dog was brought in to the shelter, he didn't go straight to a kennel. He got hugs and kisses from Kennel Manager Kelly Ramos as he adjusted to being in a new place.

THANK YOU to Candice Bridgers for sponsoring BIgg'n! We know not everyone is in the position to adopt, so we've made it possible to sponsor animals that tug at your heartstrings. Visit our website to see all the animals at our shelter waiting for a forever home ("Adopt a Pet" button). If you see one you want to help, click the "Sponsor" button.

Please join us in extending our warmest welcome to our new Community Programs Manager, Erica Noel! We know that she will be a great asset to our team and shelter animals. Welcome, Erica!

Pitbulls aren't scary!

Our e-letters are filled with shelter stories -- heartwarming, heartbreaking, and informative. Click the link below to read our most recent e-letter and hit the "subscribe" button inside to add your name to our list.

It's a privilege and an honor to serve animals in need and the humans who love them. This beautiful note from a shelter supporter touched us all. We are so glad sweet Annie had a loving home to live out her life

Ava has been patiently waiting for her forever home after receiving surgery for an eye condition several months ago. We are thrilled to report that Ava has left the shelter for a home of her very own! We can not be any happier for our sweet Ava girl! Learn more about Ava's story by visiting

Westcliffe will be considering a "one-year" contract for 2016 with the HSFC tonight at 5 pm. Without a contract, we could not legally accept strays, adopt out animals, or take and hold "bite" animals for residents of Westcliffe as we have done for decades. Please support the shelter by attending this meeting and showing Westcliffe officials how critical a contract with the shelter is for the citizens "and" animals of Westcliffe.

HUGE "bark" out to Sean and Robert Striegel at Frontier Feeds llc for donating an entire pallet of dog food to the shelter!!! Thank you Marc at 1400 KRLN for helping unload! It's people like you that make it possible to provide animals with the love and care they deserve.

Do you know of any stores, restaurants, or other local businesses that would be willing to host a donation bank for the HSFC? We'd love your help in making donation banks and placing them around town! They don't have to be fancy -- just an easy way for folks in our community to help the animals in our care. Here's a great example from All Star Pets! If you're willing to help the shelter in this way, leave a comment letting us know which community institution you'll place a donation box…