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Mobile tweeting today from our Raspberry Pi as we make a return to the web after a while. We are excited to get back to work online and making new products for all you lovely bag elf fans. Stay tuned to what's to come. - Elf Man

It's made of a special material that is super light and strong, it has leaf engravings on it and looks like it came right out of a fantasy story.

By the clear, cold and fresh river stream, you are waiting for me until I will come to you, my Eternal Lover. (Image: The changeling~Rivendell Studios)

"Come on down, Little Monkey Boy." She giggles, watching her boyfriend climb around a tree above her. "How about you come up here?" He smirks.

Extend gingerbread hunt activity.... Make lost posters, predict (and graph) where he went, make a house for him to come back and live in...maybe do an elf on the shelf gingerbread version