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Stumps of Lepidodendron fossil trees - 330 million years ago when Scotland lay close to the equator.

A 520 million-year-old fossilised nervous system – so well-preserved that individually fossilised nerves are visible – is the most complete and best example yet found, and could help unravel how the nervous system evolved in early animals - Complete specimen of Chengjiangocaris kunmingensis from the early Cambrian Xiaoshiba biota of South China

12 Animals You're Glad Are Extinct

Megalodon grew up to 50 feet long. Why you’re glad they’re extinct: Their teeth were the size of an average human hand. *shudder* Despite t...

Food Chains display- This is an activity that students can display in the hall way for others to see what they are learning.

Human ancestors' diet changed 3.5 million years ago

Human ancestors' diet changed 3.5 million years ago - bbc --- by looking at teeth scientist can determine that 3.5 million years ago hominins started eating grasses and animals in addition to their typical forest diet