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ohhhhhh...the love I have for pastel hair is totally at odds with the corporate world! a perfect world, corporate chicks could rock any colour hair they desire without letting it affect the outcomes of boardroom meetings :(

Pastel Hair Inspiration

I'm kind of in love with pastel hair... lilac in particular. It just looks so pretty in photos. Although I'm not sure it's something I could live with on a daily basis, I think it would be fun to try temporarily in a more muted tone. Could you ever do it? 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |

TWILIGHT Goth Grey Ombre Hair Chalk Set of 6

Ombre. Dark brunette to purple to lilac (not lavender) | Original photo was brunette to blonde, photographed by Candice Lake. Featured in Lou Lou Fashion Blog: | "Purple Ombre Hair - Black Hair Media Forum" these are my actual hair goals no joke

Hi! I'm Aquamarine. I am very chirpy, always exited, and I'm happy about everything! My gem is located on the inside of my right arm. I love the ocean because aquamarine's and the ocean are like best friends. I wish to meet all of you! Introduce?

My name is Andrew. I am a man. I live in the Los Angeles area. I believe we should clone supermodels because when everyone is a supermodel, no one will be. If nobody travels back in time to stop...