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Fish pie with almonds

Fish pie recipe. How did we make our version of the winter classic so astonishingly low in fat, yet so wonderfully creamy? Don’t worry about the details – just enjoy the genius.

Creamy smoked haddock and prawn pie

Creamy smoked haddock and prawn pie recipe. This fish pie recipe is an all-time classic, and the perfect supper for the whole family.

Fish pie with prawns and cheesy leek mash topping

This satisfying fish pie recipe has a moreish cheesy leek mash topping, making it the perfect comfort food.

Pan-fried cod with creamy new potatoes and courgettes

Pan-fried cod with creamy new potatoes and courgettes Recipe | delicious. Magazine free recipes

Jamie olivers fantastic fish pie

This is my favourite fish pie, one of Jamie Oliver's earlier ones. Easy on the mustard though, for me!

Fish pie with soufflé crouton topping

A classic pie of fish in white sauce, topped with a simple bread and soufflé style topping. Equipment: You will need a 1.5 litre/2½ pint shallow, wide-based, ovenproof dish.

Prawn and salmon pie

This quick fish pie is an easy supper dish and it's made with filo, which is a less fattening pastry than most.

Haddock, spinach and Gruyère gratin

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