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This Kea was showing his colors on a fencepost in Te Anau when I caught him. I think they are gorgeous birds.

Wooden Vase, Weathered Cedar Fencepost Weed Pot (CE27)

I am fascinated by the kea -- the world's only mountain parrots -- and have photographed them often all over South Island. Beautiful, cheeky, totally unafraid of humans, these birds will dismantle a backpack (or the rubber stripping around car windows) and can be quite aggressive about stealing food if you leave it anywhere they can reach.

This is a male Kea dancing to attract a mate. Taken in a rest area in Arthurs pass. He extended one wing and one foot, then the opposite one, bobbing his head and alternatively raising and dipping his tail, as if he were listening to a kind of bouncy zydeco tune in his head.

This kea was drinking from a (human) water fountain at the train depot in Arthur's Pass.

This kea is fluffing up to stay warm on a cold July day in Arthur's pass.

This Kea had just stolen a potato chil off my plate, and flew about three feet away to enjoy his prize.