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Simply Nigella: Dark and sumptuous chocolate cake

Daily habits list can vary from one individual to another.That depends on what we do in our every day to day life. So I came up with a daily habits list...

Captured: The moment tiny baby orangutan gently bites his mother's nose

The tiny Borneon orangutan - aged just 18 months - is seen cuddling up to his 12-year-old mother after tucking into a snack of fresh leaves ...

Healthy Almond Joy Smoothie

Healthy Almond Joy Smoothie. Plus it up with protein by subbing in Coconut Chobani Greek Yogurt in place of coconut milk!

30-Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners - if you're just getting into yoga, this month-long challenge is a great place to start! The challenge is made up of 30 separate 10-20 minute videos. All you have to do is do one video at home every day.

"All of us born into a dominant, meat-eating culture have inherited this paradoxical mentality: We know the animals we eat are individuals, yet we’d rather not know it. We’d feel guilty eating certain animals, yet we take pleasure consuming others. We cringe when faced with images of animals suffering, yet we dine on their bodies multiple times a day!We love dogs and eat pigs and yet we don’t know why..." ~Melanie Joy, from "Carnism: Why Eating Animals is a Social Justice Issue"

Pictures of the day: 5 March 2013

Spring Lamb. You can see Over 2500 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals, wildlife, pictures, nature, fish, birds, photography, cute, beautiful.