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Royal jelly makes one live longer: Why queen bees survive 40-times longer than workers

My name is Natacha. I am happily married to my best friend, and feel blessed in life! Free spirited, down to earth, and full of passion. I love a variety of things as my blog will show. Stop by and say Hello anytime! Please Note I DO NOT do a Follow...

How to Make Bee Candy Boards | DIY Beekeeping | Winter Beekeeping | Keeping Bees Fed In Winter

Honey Lemon Ginger Jar - Natural Cold & Flu Remedy

Determined to keep the bugs at bay, I made this homemade cold & flu remedy. It's so so easy to make and keeps in the fridge for months. Each morning I simply add a couple of teaspoons to some warm water. It also makes a lovely soothing drink if you are suffering with a sore throat.

Podcast Building a Great Depression Era Pantry

During the Great Depression people lived on extremely frugal budgets. My father was raised during the Great Depression and it shaped the way he brought us u

Honeypot Ants...There are around 34 different species of honey pot ants. They all share the ability to store large amounts of nutritious liquid, especially in the larger workers known as ‘repletes‘. During the rainy seasons the honey pot ant repletes are fed so much that they swell up and become living underground refrigerators, some can become so large that it’s impossible for them to leave their nest.

20 Long-Lasting Foods That Will Keep You Well-Fed After SHTF

If you haven't already stocked up on survival food, you should get started. There are plenty of long-lasting foods that you can find in any grocery store.