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One persons view of what it feels like to have social anxiety. Its the little things of everyday living & coming into contact with people, that cause often extreme anxiety, panic, stress & further isolation.

goodbye lonely tired alone hate broken sick self harm empty not good enough left alone i hate myself for you hate myself not good Little Things im sorry Hate My Life Wish I Was Dead not pretty self harming not beautiful Come Back Be Here Hate my body enought goodbye my friends hate in the world sick of lies love is unfair i wont back

Tricky Little Things - The New York Times Tiny as they are, misplaced commas form an outsize blot on a sentence. In the spectrum of grammatical lapses, they seem particularly amateurish.

Write when you can remove yourself just a little from the demands of your life. Allow yourself time to warm up. Don’t expect yourself to jump in cold. Inspiration does not always flow like running water. Sometimes you have to walk for an hour to get to the spring, and then you have to fill your water jugs, one at a time... Enjoy that walk and the time it takes. Focus on getting the little things right. Take pleasure in a good sentence. Quiet your mind...

oh u better put extra bc I'm not holdin back if I see that adorable little thing walking around