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This PowerPoint is intended to supplement the lesson. It covers the entire lesson from all fluency practice to the exit ticket. I have added visuals / extra practice for most concepts for students needing extra support. Covers the following standards: 2.OA.1 | 2.OA.2 | K.OA.3 | K.OA.4 | K.NBT.1 | 1.NBT.2.b | 1.OA.5 | 1.OA.6

Ten Frame Develop counting and addition skills by using frames of 10. Covers following Common Core items: K.CC.A.2 K.CC.B.4a K.CC.B.4b K.CC.B.4c K.CC.B.5 K.OA.A.1 K.OA.A.2 K.OA.A.3 K.OA.A.4 K.NBT.A.1

This freebie shows how to fold some of the interactive foldables from my Counting & Cardinality Notebook Bundle. The TPT file was too large to include all of the pictures in the purchased download, so here they are incase anyone would like to keep each standard organized with a cover!Includes the cover page with examples for K.CC.1, K.CC.2, K.CC.3, K.CC.4, K.CC.5, and K.CC.6.You can follow my blog here to see some more examples!Kristin Edwards

Gingerbread Skills Pack! Math and Language Arts Activities

Gingerbread Skills Pack! This is a fun Gingerbread themed unit that covers the following Kindergarten Common Core Standards:K.CC.4. K.CC.5, K.NBT.1, K.OA.1, K.OA.4, K.MD.2, K.RF.2b, K.RF.2d, K.RF.2e, K.RF.3 There are 5 Language Arts activities and 5 Math activities $

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Latin)

'Dominus et Domina Dursley, qui vivebant in aedibus Gestationis Ligustrorum numero quattor signatis ...'The first words of J.K. Rowling's timeless classic are more familiar to readers as 'Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive ...' Following in the steps of other great children's classics, including Winnie the Pooh (winnie ille pu) and Paddington Bear (ursus nomine paddington), Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is available in Latin. Learners and lovers of Latin will delight…

At the right of the altar stands Artemis holding a torch. Her mother Leto follows seated on a pedestal and Her brother Apollo is further at the back, carrying a branch. A young man leads the bull for sacrifice. Lycoleon, his wife Peisis and their four children follow along with a nurse and a servant who carries a box on her head covered with cloth. Marble votive relief 340 B.C. Museum of Brauron, Attica)