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Commander of Virginia land & naval forces. Maj-Gen & commander in chief of Provisional Army of Virginia, 22.4./8.7.1861. Military adviser to Jefferson Davis, 13.3./31.5.1862. Command of Army of Northern Virginia 1.6.1862/9.4.1865. Command of all Confederate armies, 23.1.1865. Opposed guerrilla warfare after surrender. President of Washington College, later Washington and Lee University.

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"Modern Circe or a sequel to the petticoat", caricature of Mary Anne Clarke by Isaac Cruikshank, 15 March 1809. Her lover princ Frederick, Duke of York resigned from his post at head commander in chief of the British Army 10×days after the caricature's publication.Cartoon shows Mrs. Mary Anne Clarke, wearing the Duke of York's military cloak, extending it to cover a crowd of miniature soldiers, civilians and clergymen clustering around her with outstretched arms; Mr. Waddle (Mr. Wardle)…