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Gallery of Terraced-House Renovation / Edouard Brunet + François Martens - 16

Roost Crystal Stained Glass Terrariums **Next Day Shipping

Unique faceted terrariums are handmade from translucent milky white stained glass and clear glass panels. The terrariums are watertight so can be used with a variety of plants and displays. Product De

Avec ma jeune agence qui voit le jour, un espace de travail bien défini et clair devait se dessiner... Après avoir fait le tour de la question; une partie du salon est le plus approprié pour recevo...

"Melting" Vases Blur the Line Between Strength and Fragility

Designer Erik Olovsson of Studio E.O juxtaposes smooth, rounded vessels of hand-blown glass against clear-cut geometric slabs of patterned stone.

I really like this photo. Everything in this photo seems geometric and it gives off an organized vibe.