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AIR RAID WARDENS 1940: Members of a team of Air Raid Wardens in a London suburb who have been tackling and extinguishing Luftwaffe incendiary bombs. The men are holding stirrup pumps, used to douse fires with water from a bucket. Picture part of PA Second World War Collection : The Blitz

World War 2: Black-out picture gallery

WW II German poster depicts a skeleton - Death - hurling bombs from a British bomber with the caption 'Der Feind sieht dein Licht - Verdunkeln!' ('The enemy sees your light - blackout!), circa 1943-45. Poster by Sander-Herweg.16

A British Sherman VC ‘Firefly’ of ‘C’ Squadron, The Staffordshire Yeomanry, 27th Armoured Brigade in the vicinity of Lebisey Wood, north of Caen, Normandy. 7th -13th of June 1944.