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15 DIY How to Make Your Backyard Awesome Ideas 7

Lilium lilies, blue flowers of Agapanthus lily-of-the-Nile, ornamental grasses, Gypsophilia baby's breath, red Dahlia, Eryngium, yellow Achillea,spikey blue eryngium herb Lavandula lavender, in mixed flower garden of perennials and herbs in varying heights, textures, colors

Basic Bricklaying and Cement Mixing for Beginners

Bricklaying for beginners. Lesson 1 - Tools to buy, mixing cement and basic brickwork (DIY/Home improvement)

Svartbladig hundkex ( Anthriscus sylvestris) - love these and they grow wild - looks wonderful in a big vase or jug...

Top 27 Ingenious Ways To Transrofm Old Pallets Into Beautiful Outdoor Furniture