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5 Feminine Grooming Habits You Shouldn’t Ignore (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips):

Candy Darling: immortalized in Lou Reeds song Walk on the Wild Side and Lola

13 Elegant and Feminine Little Black Dresses


HOW TO COVER BEARD SHADOW? How to cover the dreaded 5 O'Clock Beard shadow - This is a problem for just about every trans woman. That bluish hue that lingers for many of us girls, even after the closest of shaves. The solution: Our creme based concealer wheel in 5 segments with the color tones that make unsightly beard shadow completely disappear. Visit:

androadiction: girlswholikegirls: Heyooo! I’m Katney! Huge dork in that Maryland state Looking for more people to talk to, so come say hi :D ***