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5 Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist…BEFORE He Starts Cutting

<em>Editor Note:</em> Despite being seasoned beauty veterans, even the best of us can be at a loss for words when sitting in our stylist’s chair. Unfortunately, not communicating the right things can not only lead to a poor experience, but (horror!) ...

Inspiring wedding hairstyles Well they always said there was a connection between tenis and sex. But tennis and weddings? Ah, but she might be the bride's maid. The maid is no sleeping beauty...well until she vanquished her foe: point, set and MATCH!

How To Style Curly Hair. I do this every day, just with cat walk curls rock cream. It doesn't contain the alcohol that mousse does so your hair doesn't dry out as bad.

put a round headband over your head, then pull small pieces of hair, twist and tuck each one under the headband. it's quick, and keeps the hair out of your face!

B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L wedding ideas (36 photos)