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INSTANT DOWNLOAD - My Treasure Thou Art - Hand Lettered Print by Mandy England

5775 New year! Ayin Hei, The Hebrew letter Ayin represents the Eye and Hei represents a see though- open Window and a roaring wind. This year is a DIVINE UNLOCK OF THE SEEDS FOR OUR FUTURE.

VISITATION IS HERE Find where heaven is open. Find the open portal for a new heavenly dynamic move. Your praises open the heavens and strategies are revealed! It is time for visitation. Visitation is here!!! Chuck Pierce

"Mature sons, immersed in the Eternals, seated in the Heavens to release the Now Sound." We sang this song* last July [note the year] at our Quantum Gathering in St. Louis. Though it was almost a year ago, this verse is still stuck in my head now like it was yesterday.