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Diagrama del esqueleto humano vista frontal, las líneas rojas apuntan a huesos individuales, cuyos nombres se escriben en singular. las líneas azules apuntan a un grupo de huesos, escritos en plural.

the image i selected was a pin point art work where each line you see is made up of millions of dots and they all come together and make a big picture, if you were to zoom in it would not be anything except dots on a page.

EuroGraphics Skeletal System (Human Body) 1000-Piece Puzzle. Learn about the bones of the human body. Features details of the skull, the foot, the hand, the vertebral column and the bone structure.

¡Esqueleto tipográfico!

Law of Pragnanz: The image is composed of multiple words. Those who view this image tend to see a human head, neck, and shoulders. Thus, we simplify the image to view what we think is a human, while it is rather a more complex assembly of written word.

week 3 ANATOMY: Diagram of Human Tissue. A tissue is made up of a group of cells that usually look similar to one another and come from the same region in a developing embryo. The group of cells that make up a tissue have physiological functions that work together in a coordinated way to support special functions. The special function of a tissue is also influenced by the kind of material that surrounds the tissue and by communication among the cells of the tissue.