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British Home Children - Commemoration of Service by the BHCARA. Remembering our BHC who served. 2015

June 2013 the BHCARA in Owen Sound - Telling the lost stories of British home children

Rita Attard - the BHCARA donated 8 BHC books in memory of our Director Rita Attard who passed away - to her local library.

2015 Legion Event. The widow of Joe Waterer was in the audience, unknown to me. I had discovered her husbands story a while ago and had looked for her! She had this British magazine which had run his story and presented me with a copy. It was when I opened the magazine to read what she had asked me to that I realized who she was. Joe's photo, along with that of his brother - popped out at me! Read his story on our web site!

September 2015 with Film Producer Eleanor McGrath and British Home Child George Beardshaw, his wife Emma and Lori Oschefski at the showing of the BHC Documentary "Forgotten" in Hamilton, Ontario

Toronto Star article - 2014 Albert Edward Roscoe, born in Ireland, was one of 100,000 British home children who came to Canada to work on farms in the decades after 1869. An estimated 10,000 enlisted during the Great War.

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