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New York City This is an old shot that has the Twin Towers in it but it's how I will always remember the skyline. Years later my eyes still search the spot where they should be in the lineup of magnificent skyscrapers that make up the view I grew up with.

New York City's Highline - a free garden on an abandoned elevated rail line. Brilliant!

10 Songs for Your Road Trip to New York City

A new flick generating a buzz, is Government Secret Code, look for it in BestBuy .com and Barnes & Noble released this month made by the victim of crime in the world, governmentsecretcodecom avail at the website

In a 1965 broadcast of his essay entitled "If I Were the Devil," Paul Harvey outlined how he thought Satan might go about destroying the United States of America — excerpt: "If I were the devil, I'd take from those who have and give to those who wanted until I had killed the incentive of the ambitious." Almost 50 years later, his words are eerily prophetic. -h.

Incredible Photos that Capture Day Turning into Night

In his series, "Day to Night," Wilkes photographs a scene "for a minimum of ten hours, from the same perspective, capturing a fluid visual narrative of day into night within a single frame." His merge of classic street photography and cityscape styles...

The Tower Bridge in London. Defiantly a must see place! Gorgeous at night. #BucketList #London #SeeTheWorld ––