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Papaya Oil (Carica papaya), Paw paw The oil is moisturising, conditioning and soothing. Excellent for dry skin and itchy scalp. Enzymes from this tasty fruit help to dissolve dirt and unclog pores. A great skin balancing oil, it softens & keeps skin smooth. Anti-inflammatory; analgesic (pain-relieving); and also helps to treat fungal infections. This makes papaya seed oil a good addition to products that treat: eczema; psoriasis; and fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, etc.

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If you want the softest, clearest skin, use these together! 2tbsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp coconut oil and enough water to make a paste is enough for your neck and face. Scrub for 3 min then rinse with cold water! Immediately saw a difference. Smaller pores and glowing skin! And the coconut oil moisturizes your skin for you! by Denise Reid

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