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Room 14b Twyla the Monster High doll has her bedroom area in the Purple Room under Spectra's bed right where a boogey man is! Fashioned as an under the bed drawer. #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 14a The Purple Room. A combined bedroom for Monster High dolls, Spectra Vondergeist, Abbey Bominable, Twyla, Ellissabat and Jinafire Long. #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 9a The Monster High bedroom of Rochelle Goyle perched above the Study Hall. Ode to Paris and stone in decor! #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 7 Library & Office below with bedroom of Monster High doll , Ghoulia Yelps up above it! Befitting for a zombie nerd! #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 16 The Jungle Room is what we named the bedroom of Monster High doll, Jane Boolittle. A private suite with a canopy bed should give this shy ghoul a nice place to retreat. #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 2b The Monster High Scaris Cafe'. Garrott DuRoque has his gargoyle perch bed overlooking the Parisian diners of the outdoor cafe. Made from cardboard, paper mache' and puffy paint! #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 6b The Monster High Living Room doubles as a bedroom for Lagoona Blue in her aquarium bed styled in an oblong flower vase. #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 14d Monster High doll Elissabat, has her bedroom space made from a converted CAM Design Lab coffin play set. It is tucked in the Purple Room. #monsterhighdollhouse #dollbed

Room 2a Outdoor Patio Cafe'. A hopping spot for all the Monster High dolls of the Scaris line! Coffee and dessert anyone? #monsterhighdollhouse