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Geisha-The word geisha literally means "artist" and late in the eighteenth century this could have described an array of Japanese women artists: Shiro, purely an entertainer; kerobi, a tumbling geisha; kido, a geisha who stood at the entrance to carnivals; or joro, a prostitute and the type of woman that professional geishas have been wrongly mistaken as for many years

So this is pretty much some virtual IGNORANCE. I peruse it every morning to see what 'ratchetness' is going on in black America!

A bold English adventurer, Blackthorn. An invincible Japanese warlord, Toranaga. A beautiful woman, Mariko, torn between two ways of life. All brought together in a mighty saga of a time aflame with conflict, ambition, and the struggle for power.

Love this book. Read it 3-4 times. Historical fiction about women from China and their experiences in China and immigrating to the US. Lisa See brings her stories to life. I have read all of her books numerous time.