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Elizabethan tapestry map to be displayed at University of Oxford's Bodleian library

The map has finally come out into carefully filtered daylight, its colours glowing as if it was woven yesterday, after a gentle bath in Belgium and a year of tender hand stitching conservation work at the National Trust's textile workshop in Norfolk. It will be exhibited in the Bodleian's renovated 1934 listed storage building, an important – if hideous – design by Giles Gilbert Scott. Intended to hold 5m books, and to solve the storage problem forever, it was judged 130% full by the time…

Oldest Known Accurate Road Map Of Britain -- 1360 -- It's the Gough Map, held in the Bodleian and now available in digitized form. See this link for the announcement from Oxford, or click the picture to go to the site and see the digitized version. Looks a bit like a lumpy "meat and two veg" as the Brits would say.

The Most Spectacular Libraries Around the World

Oxford, EnglandConsidering the school’s long list of world-changing alumni—including 26 British prime ministers, 50 Nobel Prize winners, and such creative minds as Oscar Wilde and William Morris—it would be difficult not to feel inspired studying in these halls. Meticulously paneled rooms add to the weighty sense of history while offering a sense of envelopment that counters outside distractions.

LASSEDIO DELLA CITTÀ DI TIRO - Folia. Mi niatura tratta dal ‘Romanzo di Alessandro’ - MS. Bodl. 264 (1338-1344), Bodleian Library, Oxford.

Stunning Picz: Bodleian Library, Oxford [ ] #library #hardware #slidingdoor

The Most Spectacular Libraries Around the World

Oxford, England - Originally opened in 1602, the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library certainly isn’t short on history. And after four centuries’ worth of expansions, the principal library and its satellite buildings now hold some 11 million printed items. One of those buildings, the Radcliffe Camera, is a neoclassical circular structure designed by James Gibbs in 1749 that has become an icon of Oxford’s campus.

Portrait of a Lady by unknown artist Oil on panel, 105.5 x 79 cm Collection: University of Oxford. Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Detail of owl holding open music book supported by ape singing, from Statutes of England to 1495, about 1495-1500. Bodleian Library