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"For the Love of the Ladies" - October 1-2, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ: 184 Superb 18th Century Wooden Doll with Original Fine Costume

For the Love of the Ladies - October 1-2, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ: 6 Early 18th Century English Wooden Doll, Original Costume, 1739 Dated Coin Pocket

Rare Joel Ellis Wood Doll - 1873 Springfield, VT. Carved wood head with black overall curls and painted features (touched up on eyes and lips, nose snubbed, face possibly lacquered), wood jointed body with metal hands (lots of paint off hands) and feet; antique possibly original clothing including hat. Very charming doll in an unusual large size! Condition (Good). Size 15" T.

Wooden Doll in Original Costume. 20" Wooden head & upper torso w high-waisted shaped bosom, tacked-on stretched kid-over-wooden upper torso, scalloped edge of front torso decorated w red cotton twill bands, kid arms w wooden "griffe" hands, enamel-painted brown eyes in cut-out sockets to appear as though glass eyes, painted features. French, c 1825, original black silk blouse over several petticoats, wool knit stockings, black leather shoes, & 18 kt gold cross w raised beading design.

23" (58 cm.) Carved wooden shoulder head with elongated facial modeling and throat,slender face,sculpted hair in deeply combmarked detailing,painted facial features and complexion,blue eyes,black upper eyeliner and single stroke brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with center accent line,kid lady body with stitch-jointed fingers

'the wooden doll dating to circa 1750 and made by an unknown English maker is an exciting find. It is of a type known as 'a Queen Anne doll. Such dolls were made throughout the late the late 17th and into the 18th century.'