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The Surprising Results of "OverParenting"

Over-parenting can be a good and a bad thing. See my results of over-parenting; you may be surprised.

Do You React or Respond to Your Kids?

It's important to stay calm and use empathy when we talk to our kids. Sometimes, it's hard to know what to say instead. Here are some examples of how we "react" to our kids and some alternative responses to try instead

The Biggest Misconception About Being A Single Parent

What single parents wish you understood about single parenting and the assumption that you may be making that just isn't true! BLOOMING ON A BUDGET

One-Line Affirmations for Moms

For All the Times I Couldn't Say 'I Am Sorry'

For All the Times I Couldn't Say 'I Am Sorry' - Sunshine Whispers

NEW! A Family Discipleship Group You Do Not Want to Miss

Come join the Family Discipleship Community! We have Christian parents, authors and bloggers coming together to discuss how we can point our kids to Christ. ~