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12 Dogs Who Just Need a Hug Right Now!

Blessed Is The Person Who Has Earned The Love Of An Old Dog. love it but it makes me so sad. You both really know each so well. Life span is too short and that hurts me to the core. Im crying now. God bless elder dogs .I will be with you till forever...

I volunteer at Animal Control. People surrender semi-aged dogs each week. It's an honor to walk, throw a ball and chat with them. While we walk I tell each one how beautiful and good and special they are. They beam with delight. So much easier than a puppy, these ladies and gentlemen need us. Adopt an older dog. Their eyes will light yours up as well.

Senior Dogs are WONDERFUL TOO!! They're already trained and want to be loved!!!

Raising a dog is like a rainbow... Puppies are the joy at one end. Old dogs are the treasure at the other.

good old dog ~ oh my I actually cried. Your pace is slowing, time is wearing thin, You won't be here for long - Old Dog I'll miss your grin. But before you go there is one thing to say, Old Dog, I Love You and I'll miss you the rest of my days and it's been an honor to walk across this land with your faithful head right at my hand. ~ Savana Frame. That made me think of Oby i miss you boy love you lots