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#HEMASTIX STRIPS uses no additional laboratory equipment is necessary for testing. the directions must be followed exactly.

speciesbarocus: 18th-century pharmacy in Carpentras, housed in the town’s old hospital. From: The World of Interiors, Oct. 2009. Scanned by me.

Pharmatrust - creates an ATM for prescriptions in early 2010, the MedCentre is a medication dispensing and management system that enables patients to collect their prescriptions without dealing face to face with a pharmacist. Patients scan their health card into the ATM-like kiosk, after which they are able to insert their prescription details and pick up a phone, which calls a pharmacist who determines whether the prescription is correct. After the approval, the machine dispenses the…

At #ADV-Care, PTM+ securely processes doctor's e-script, faxed or phoned-in prescriptions from customer's orders.

#PTM+ (Pharmacy Terminal Machine) Features.

10 Unusual French Habits You Should Know About Before Visiting France

The good news about pharmacies in France is that they are easy to spot and as they almost always have green neon crosses right beside their equally large neon signs. If , however, you ran to the pharmacy to grab a candy bar or buy a mascara that you forgot at home, then chances are you’ll be walking away empty handed. While most countries in the world have followed the concept started by CVS and Walgreens of turning the pharmacy into a mini-Walmart, most pharmacies in France have remained…