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October 5, 2014: Redoing my website is frustrating me & taking forever so the answer is do something different and do it differently!

Shoe shopping is cheaper than a therapist.. We should definitely do more shoe shopping!

October 7, 2014: One of my favorite sayings is "People can change. Now I'm a lamp" Maybe it's only funny to me, but change is almost always for the better. Also cents are good too!

October 27, 2014: Smile even though you're sad, smile even through your tears, smile and get the whole world to smile with you. Even you will believe your smile from the inside out. #smile

September 3, 2014: My observations about how we treat the people we love and how we treat ourselves. To me it's a delicate balance to get right. #lovingsomeone #learningtolove #lovelessons

September 29, 2014: My cousin blew my mind as I was a teenager by giving me great advice. She said to lower my expectations to achieve em. This goes for people you care about too. Without impossible expectations, it's less pressure on them, and you're happy with just who they are!

September 27, 2014: Ever wondered why you respond in a particular way to a certain person or vice versa? #passiveagressive #reasonable #judgement #criticism