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Lady Gretchen - Armitage Goddess of the Sword with "Gulvæthil" (Warrior Sorceress) her Elven-blade• Lady Gretchen is a commanding presence and leader among the Armitage Harem. (Lady (instigator...) // A Harem/Playroom crossover is imminent... >;D

Digital Art by Jason Chan

"The only reason I'm doing this," she said, "is that you hurt the people I love. Otherwise, I'd be home right now. So if I were you..." She raised her now-glowing left hand. "...I'd start running. I might let you live if you do. This is so totally me!


Windfury Blessing : Raise ATK and restore HP to your party Skill calculated as: 50% * (current HP) = Heal; 100% * (current ATK) = Raised ATK