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Daily motivation (25 photos)

This isn't the original post, but it's the same quote. I will always hold this one to my heart for sentimental meanings. It's helped me through so much, and now I'm stronger then I ever was before. So this is to thank this little quote, for being so big.

:) what can I say more...? I will complete: "Be so good they can ´t ignore you and don´t ignore the person that shows you that really care about you, don t make cry someone that is worth to speak to :), it is so easy to make someone happy, so easy :)"

When TFs meet, a series of events and circumstances will unfold meant for both TFs. After the initial bubble love, magical and mystical love that we experience. We get to a time of chaos, this is the time for us to find the darkness in us so we may heal

Has always been my favorite quote in regards to all things Birth... We MUST do better of communicating all of the risks vs benefits of all avenues of birth. Real education comes from a caring community and not always from a clinical one.