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I thought/ hoped this would happen too

Digital Art that Touches The Soul

(Open rp) we were walking to the car and it started pouring. He then took me into his arms and covered my head with his coat so that i dont get wet. "I love you, tristan." He says "i love you too, Michael." He pulls me closer and kisses me.

26 Jokes That'll Make "Sherlock" Fans Need A Little Lie Down

26 "Sherlock" Jokes That'll Make You Laugh Then Just Lie On The Floor Sobbing

I'm really looking foward to more sassy Molly- hopefully she'll become more confident around Sherlock, cause it's awesome when she gets to put him in his place XD

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, The Hobbit, Sherlock, and I imagine(and kinda hope)the same will happen in the Marvel universe

Sherlock season 3: did Charles Augustus Magnussen send John and Mary a wedding telegram?

Oh. My. Gosh. I noticed that it affected her but everyone assumed it was that her family wasn't there...

Misleading Moriarty :P He is actually good at hide and seek, if you think about it. Moriarty hides (in plain sight sometimes), and only Sherlock can find him. Everyone thinks they are hiding from Moriarty, and he finds them and kills them.