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Affiliate marketing may not be the first avenue that bloggers will travel when monetizing their sites, but it certainly isn't one that should be ignored. If you’re deciding whether or not to use affiliate marketing on your blog, you need to read this post. Written by @kellypugliano

How to Write a Media Kit for your Blog

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The 4th quarter tends to be the busiest time for online influencers. We're wrapping up our year, gearing up for holiday traffic, and reviewing what worked (and what didn't) within our blog business. This is also the time of year when we get overwhelmed and make poor productivity decisions. Here are three simple productivity tips for bloggers. Written by @4hatsandfrugal

There are several parallels between running and blogging. I realized this while running a race last week. Check out these steps to ensure that your blog is in shape for the long-haul. Written by @kellypugliano

Outsourcing blog tasks can free you to grow your business, nurture your creativity, and build connections to expand your network. We bloggers wear many hats, but sometimes we need to relinquish control and focus on what's next. Written by @4hatsandfrugal

The most effective bloggers have honed in on and perfected particular skills that continually grow their business. You might be tempted to believe that success comes easy for some people. Let me assure you that success can just as easily be yours. The accomplished bloggers I know have worked diligently to develop the following habits, which have turned their blog into a profitable business.