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I currently dont go to school, all i do is sit around and waste my name. I like cats and fashion. Clothes and jewelry are amazing. I also really like photography. Next fall I want to move to New York and study jewelry design. My etsy store:

Captured by Seiji Fujimori, the Marie Claire Spain ‘Sensorium’ editorial is the…

Architectural Swimsuit Editorials

When the wolf doesn't know who she is and the girl thinks she's the wolf the world turns upside down

Even though I somehow always manage to kill all my poor plants I think green plants are such a great addition to every home. Here are a few inspiration images I found on I hope you like them.

Photo (Fated to Pretend)

PLEASE NOTE: This personalized charm is hand-crafted, as such, we will need business days to craft and ship it. The image should have enough extra background to be trimmed down to fit the dimensions of the charm. The picture dimension should be lar