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A Boeotian Hoplite is attacked by two Thessalian cavalrymen during the Peloponnesian War 431-404 BC. Artwork by Angus McBride.

Danke Euch Polen, Thank You Poles | Breda, NL, "Befreit durch die Polen" , "Liberated by the Poles" ! | "Flames of War" Poland c. 1944 | Rem: Air Fight England > London, Tobruk, Monte Cassino > Rome, Falaise > Paris, BERLIN ! + WALL > EU ! | ⇆ 77 ✍

Roman war mask. Da recuperare assolutamente per una delle prossime avventure dei Venatores.

| Distruzione di Tebe da parte di Alessandro Magno (334 aC) [by Angus McBride]

A badly defaced portrait of Mussolini, pierced by a bayonet, hangs from a tree along the road from Messina to the Sicilian ferry crossing to the Italian mainland following the liberation of Sicily on 17 August 1943.