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Just a collection of pics of guys I find hot. NSFW & if you are under the age of 18 you shouldn't be here. All pictures are from internet & I don't own any... if your pic is here and you want it removed please let me know & it will come down... enjoy

No really this would be like if you showed your underwear like he wearing your trousers down low for examp...Oh wait

With little use for props, I couldn’t offer the allure of an Aladdin’s Cave. Instead I displayed art that portrayed the female form in ways that reflected my vision: a Greek statuette; Giorgione’s Sleeping Venus; Goya’s La Maja Desnuda; Rejlander’s photograph of a nude reflecting Corbet’s painting, La Source (for me, the perfect image of the Edwardian woman, whose tiny waist, generous hips and round buttocks were already considered old-fashioned). (I Stopped Time, www.jane-davis.co.uk)

A Thoughtful Gift for Your Man This Valentine's Day Love is in the air once again and sometimes with that comes the pressure of making Valentine's Day extra special for that special man in your life. My husband and I don't really give each other physical gifts on Valentine's Day because we usually just go out to eat and we always ensure to make each other feel special and loved even on normal days. But taking a further step to make February 14th exceptional won't hurt anybody so today…

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We break down everything you wanted to know about 'down below' grooming but were too afraid to ask. From manscaping and waxing to dealing with shaving rash and specialist products that are designed to keep you feeling fresh and clean, grooming below the belt is no longer a taboo subject.

Keep your 'little soldiers' strong with radiation-blocking boxers Read more Technology News Here --> http://digitaltechnologynews.com Hey guys: if you really had to choose between keeping your smartphone close at hand and the well-being of your manhood would you even think twice before whipping the phone out of your pocket and tossing it as far away from your groin as physically possible? SEE ALSO: Male participants quit 'effective' birth control study due to mood swings That's the…

This DIY sport bra made with inexpensive men's underwear is great to wear while going for a walk, doing yoga, or any other type of physical activity.

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