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Hey Walter...If you come NEAR ME...I will stab YOU. Going for The Boy Scout Virginity Badge? I know it won't be easy...just use Boy Scout Control. PS...are you also working on your Dental and Optician Badge? PSS...Did it hurt? When you feel from Heaven?

A little thing called insecurity and it's not me. It's you. Now what lie is your crazy ass gonna come up with next? #coocoo #mentalwardmaterial#thosepoorkids

Topping off with the fact that he was disoriented when Steve found him... This, ladies and gentlemen, is why detail observation is an art.

Me this Christmas I got gaming headphones and base headphones to cancel out he sound of my enemies drowning in pain as the scream in horror

I would keep that shit for the rest of life and keep it in my wallet like a…

Oh-kay then... A good example of how anything can be a dangerous weapon, and how Tumblr has many people I never want to fight.

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