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make me bald (@Makemebaldtwitt) | Twitter

Raising public awareness of the BRCA gene mutation that causes early onset breast and ovarian cancer and saving lives.

Researchers characterise the unique nutrient needs of triple negative breast cancer.

Compared to other types of breast cancer, triple negative breast cancers are often more aggressive and have fewer treatment options. In a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), researchers from the University of Utah have identified a molecular mechanism that triple negative breast cancer cells use to survive and grow. The team explain that many cancer cells, including triple negative cells, are addicted to the sugar glucose and the amino…

Cancer survivor creates witty collection of sympathy cards

Step closer: Emily created this card to celebrate the end of a chemotherapy treatment

I recall a time in my life I was so embarassed of he scars on my body. I even had some cosmetic surgery to get rid of these scars but when it came down to my tracea scar I could nvr go thru w the surgery.Something inside of me was always saying you are ok just as you are, and eventually I realized they all have a beautiful rare story about them, & I have learned to love them all! #ShareYourStrong