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Tom Hiddleston is my headcanon for Erik. Yes, I know he's extremely handsome, but I think he'd definitely be game for sporting a good deformity, and he plays the psychotic yet sympathetic antihero so well that it seems like the role would be a natural fit. He would be terrifying yet pitiable.

"I had to find his smile, his innate love of anarchy and chaos. I had to make his pain real. Great villains are born from tragic circumstances. They become dangerous when their vulnerability hardens into vengeance." [Tom Hiddleston on Loki]. Source:

Measures: waist to floor: 45′’, thigh: 23′’, chest: 41′’, waist: 32.5′’ Gif set (by lokihiddleston.tumblr):

I don't know if I've pinned this already but aw well it's got Ben and Tom in it. It deserves more than one pin! :)

Clearly, this is Tom. And it is proof that Tom is a bit of a shapeshifter, too. Usually, he is more subtle. But some days, you just have to let go....