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Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Book Wyrm

While a group of would-be dragonslayers point their spears at this dragon, the dragon is enjoying a nice book and a smoke. What story will you tell about this oddball scene?

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Witch's Son

I laugh as I walk into the room "What are you doing?" He quickly hides whatever he was doing behind his back. I smirk and sit in a chair across from him "So, what was it?" (Open Rp. Be whoever. Credit to @Cass the sass)<---I'm curious to know the rest :)

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Great Rock Hand

YongSub Noh is a greatest and 13 years experienced conceptual artist from Seoul, Korea. Here we present some work of YongSub. Checkout his talent after the jump.

Concept Art Writing Prompt: Creepy little girl goes fishing for monsters

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Planet with the Ring of Bones

i'm miss laue lamb, self-proclaimed goddess of an imaginary cult of desert-frolicking, flower-fornicating wild children of the haunted, underwater crystal gardens. i worship buddha, pulchritude, syncretism, & the big glitter in the sky.

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Robot Barista

This coffee jockey finds herself far from Starbucks, astride an espresso machine that doubles as transportation. What stories happen in the course of her day?

Concept Art Writing Prompt: A Cottage Sits Outside the Underwater City

Grandfather's House by Sam Nielson -- "Grandfather often warns Peter about the dangers of ambition and curiosity, but the lure of the ruined city is too much for Peter." Sounds like an underwater version of Peter and the wolf!!

Concept Art Writing Prompt: Saturday Night at the Edge of the World

This blog is dedicated to anyone who wants to explore, but lacks the resources to. Love, gains, loses, memories, endings and beginnings - May you all find a place to call home, wanderers.