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Zion- He looked more like a TV celebrity than a captain of a ship. Parker had the urge to punch him in the face, just so it wouldn't be so perfect.

Theoretical physics: The origins of space and time

“Everything around us — the whole three-dimensional physical world -is an illusion born from information encoded elsewhere, on a two-dimensional chip.” Some researchers believe that physics will not be complete until it can explain not just the behaviour of space and time, but where these entities come from. And to do that, physical theories are going to have to get a lot more strange…

One of the things I like most about designing with crochet, is that I can let my imagination run wild. I am often amazed where the ideas come from, whether it is the colours I use or the combination of stitches, it all seems to magically blend together. ♥ With modern crochet, we are not limited with colour, shape, Continue Reading

younique memes | ... when my hubby asks... Where did all this Younique makeup come from? Ha Ha... this is so me right now.. i am addicted to the stuff.. see just how much on some of my posts.