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Why Romney's 'dog on car roof' story makes him unfit to be president

Even FOX News has said that what Mitt Romney did to his dog, Seamus, makes him unfit to be president.

Roselle, the 9/11 Hero and Guide Dog, who led her blind owner and others down 78 flights of stairs in Tower One of the World Trade Center moments before it collapsed. Roselle passed away at 13 years of age. - For more, visit

don't worry a dog or any aminal feels your love towards them..and they equally feel your disrepect for them by harming them..Everything that lives on this earth wants love,peace and respect..that is what GOD intended 4 them..God bless all those whom love gods creatures..and pray 4 those that do not....peace be with U

This is Franco. Franco rides inside - NOT on the roof, like Mitt Romney did to his poor dog, Seamus.

Mitt Romney admits he took 12-hour trips with his dog, Seamus, strapped to the roof of his station wagon while his luggage rode inside. When Seamus got sick and pooped himself, Romney merely hosed him down and continued with him on the roof for hours more. Mitt is mean. GOOGLE: "Romney's Cruel Canine Vacation" for TIME Magazine article about it.