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Second Look: lips faded and hair becoming disheveled (deeper red then this, eyes stay mostly the same but maybe a little darker and slightly smudged)

Long Hairstyles: Celebrity Styles We Love

Long Haircut: Mila Kunis's Sleek Straight 'Do Is Great For Mid-Length Hair, 2012 | Mobile

What Should Your Fantasy Eye Color Really Be?

Dark Beauty is a magazine dedicated to artists, fashion designers, photographers, musicians, and actors who crave dark glamour. We provide a new avenue for promoting new and exciting talents who dares...

Think of hazy, misty, cloudy, not in the shadowy, darkened manner, but in the opaline, milky, lightened fashion, the way the hundreds of tiny drops of water soften the lines and illuminate everything through the prismatic dispersion of light

Xi Wangmu, literally Queen Mother of the West's official Taoist title is Yaochi Jinmu (瑤池金母), or the Golden Mother of the Shining Lake. T'ang dynasty biographers name her: The Primordial Ruler, Metal (Gold) Mother; Metal (Gold) Mother of Tortoise Mountain, She of the Nine Numina and the Grand Marvel; and the Perfected Marvel of the Western Florescence and the Ultimate Worthy of the Grotto Yin. Wow!

Korean Big Eye Circle Lenses: Korean Skin Care & Makeup - More in Gyaru Makeup Tutorial Using Big Eye Circle Lenses

would have cropped this just to the eye, photo looks somehow disproportionate... but OMG love the eyeshadow colours