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Sweet Dreams by Sarah Graham example of still life and the choice of a close up view emphasizes the number of wrappers which suggests the excess of materialism and wasted packaging.

Can Detox be a Solution to How to Lose Weight Fast? (Part 3

Huel is nutritionally complete food with no waste. It's fast food, not junk food - could be time to upgrade your lunch!

Toss - Gourmet Pizza packaging By The Slice designed by Yinan Wang. 2015 top team packaging pin PD

Toss - Gourmet Pizza By The Slice (Student Project)

Catch of the Day: Plastic Surprise. Please recycle! And throw your trash in the can, not on a beautiful beach. Litter harms everyone.

10 of the most interesting gins to try on World Gin Day 2015

WAH London Baby Gurl Nail Polish 6.5ml

LAW stands for LIVES AND WORKS. It is the title of an umbrella, a bomb shelter for creative collaboration between the talented youth of today with grit in their teeth and something to say.