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Meanwhile Irene looks a little horrified while Mycroft merely buries his head in his hands and mutters "git".

Remembering A True Hero

Definition of a true Hero. What a fearless & loving human being. She changed so many lives. Admiration is an understatement.

I was thinking about some things... I read a comment somewhere saying Sherlock would have been able to tell if Jim was really dead cause he was only a few feet away from him. Which is fair enough. But Irene Adler faked her death too, and Sherlock examined "her" body in the morgue and believed it was her. Sooo... He can't tell ALL the time who's who and who's really dead... I think... I was just wondering, you know? Thinking up theories when i was bored...

Sherlock, gotta stop, you will bring my anger up <<< tonight, gotta fight, till we see the sunlight <<< Sherlock, gotta stop, your addiction's kickin' up oh noowhoahohwoah nowoahohowoah <<<