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Snake & Hook Pendant

Snake Hook,Hook Pendant,Snakes,Hooks

Snake & Hook Pendant

Our Carved Fish Hook Necklace, a Hawaiian symbol of prosperity, is wrapped with a Three-Dimensional Hissing Viper!

Snake on Cross Pendant

Cross Over,Snakes,Crosses

Eye of Horus Earring

Eye Of Horus,Triangle Earrings,Horus Earring,Evil Eye,Earring Set,Triangles,Jools,Eyes

Small Mexican Sugar Skull Pendant

Small Mexican,Mexican Art,Image 1802,1657 Pixels,Skull During,Pendant Necklace,Mexican Sugar,Sugar Skull,Jpeg Image

Cat Ear Ring in Sterling Silver

Ear Ring,Cat Ears,Sterling Silver

Octopus Tentacle Ring in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring available in Antique, Shiny, and Dark styles! Our best-selling octopus tentacle ring is handmade by Lord Cthulhu himself in the depths of R'lyeh. Alright...just k

Cat Ear Ring in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Cat Ear Ring is the purr-fect way to show your love for our feline friends. Cast in 925 Sterling Silver, this cute ring claws for attention from everyone around you. Everyone will try