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Salesboom Online Sales Lead Management Software ( residual Sales Tracking Software ), Lead Generation software and Web Based Sales Tracking software - all the tools you need for a more robust and productive enterprise.

Create a product catalog to group related products. Use the catalog to offer special discounts for customer's who purchase all products within one of your catalogs. With Salesboom Product catalog you will keep your company's whole product database in one module with every single detail such as product name, category, price and expire date.

Salesboom Profile-Based Security and Field-Level Security model allows your company's executives and administrators to group certain Cloud CRM/ERP functionality together, limiting user's access only to information, fields and tools required to do their jobs.

With Salesboom CRM Contract Management you can easily manage and automate your contract process, You'll never have to worry about it again. All the pertinent information such as who signed the contract, when it was signed, what it was about and where is it actually located can all be found in one convenient spot, real time sales software, at the click of a mouse button, from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Salesboom's CRM Case Management Software & Knowledge Management Software has undergone an overhaul to make it even more efficient for your business service and support teams. The new case management software system, designed to help automate business customer service and support teams.

Salesboom's Web based Document Management software services are an integral part of our industry leading online web based CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) and web-based SFA software (Sales Force Automation) solutions. Sharing, storing and managing electronic documents related to your business, from contracts to marketing collateral, is a complicated and sometimes tedious process.

With Salesboom product database you will be able to easily manage your product details and secure this information in one accessible and shared location between all your relevant users to deliver them the information they need about your products details.

Salesboom's New and Improved Business Dashboard Reporting features a more user-friendly interface as well as role-based pre-set dashboards with drill down capabilities, making it the most robust and functional Dashboard Reporting solution when compared to all other Cloud CRM Manufacturers in the hosted CRM market.

The CRM Project management software is a methodical approach to planning, organizing and guiding project processes from start to finish. Salesboom CRM Project management software can be applied to any type of projects and is widely used to control the complex processes of software development projects.

With Salesboom CRM Web Capture tool you'll be able to create a simple web form to place on your web site. When an interested person fills it in and submits it, the data is automatically entered into your account. Let Salesboom do the work for you!