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A viking longhouse. For more Viking facts please follow and check out don't forget to support and follow the original Pinner/creator. Thx

Irresistibly Sexy Legs with This 12 Minutes a Day Workout

Inner thighs is the spot that most women are unhappy with.  Even with this crazy inner thigh gap trend, you must not forget that everyone’s body is different. You may be born with genetics which al…

Free Pirate Play Dough Mats for Numbers 11-20

Free printable pirate play dough mats for numbers 11-20. Number words, numerals, ten-frames and one-to-one correspondence.

Another Reason 'Catching Fire' Is Going to Be Epic? Lorde's 80s-tastic Cover Track

Celebrity Tweets: Grammys Nominations Edition | There are celebrities that handle being nominated for The GRAMMYs very well and then there are those that don't... Check out this wonderful collection of Celebrity Tweets! :-)

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NEW 'REAL OR NOT REAL' CLIP!!! I want to jump into the screen and hug Peeta! My poor baby is crying!

30 Stunning Examples of Still Life Photography