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Spring Flowers; Children Gathering Wild Flowers

"Spring Flowers" by George Smith (1851) at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "The Art Journal in its review, admired the subject of `Children decking with flowers their little sister, whom they have drawn forth in her little cart; the picture has much truthful excellence.' Most early Victorian artists, with the notable exception of William Mulready, avoided the darker aspects of childhood in response to the taste of their patrons."

Another Bite

Oil painting - Another Bite ca. 1850. George Smith (1829-1901) entered the Royal Academy in 1845 and worked in the studio of the genre and narrative painter Charles West Cope. Smith himself focused mainly on genre painting, often involving children as seen in this example of his work exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1850. Throughout his career he exhibited 79 works at the Royal Academy, 26 at the British Institute and 15 at the Society of British Artists.

A painting of children playing with a tea set in a poor Victorian home, by Thomas Webster 1862 © Harris Museum and Art Gallery